Sep 2020

Latest Uber Promo Codes and Deals in Pakistan for Today

Uber launched its operations  in Pakistan in 2016. Pakistan is an emerging market in the ride sharing space. Currently, Uber is operating in many large cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, and Hyderabad. We provide the latest valid Uber promo codes in Pakistan to help you save big on your rides!

Before using any promo codes, first there are somethings that you should know about how Uber promo codes work.

Do Credits from Uber Promo Codes Roll Over to the next ride?

No. Any unused credit from a promo code does not roll over to the next ride and will be wasted.

Can I share a promo code I received from Uber by SMS or eMail?

No. Promo codes that Uber sends by SMS or email to users are limited to the receiving user and cannot be applied to any other account.

Getting Free Uber Promo Codes by Referring a Friend

Uber has a referral program in Pakistan. Whenever a friend of yours signs up with Uber and takes their first ride, you will get PKR 120 off your next ride! Simple open the app, select ‘Free Rides’, copy your unique referral code and share it with your friends to start earning free Uber rides in Pakistan.

What is Uber Credit?

In Pakistan, Uber Credits are any adjustments on your account such as refunds from cancelled rides. You cannot recharge your credits frm any other source. Credits can be combined with promo codes.

Do Uber offer free rides for new users in Pakistan?

Yes! Every new user of Uber gets a free ride using the free ride promo code. The company offers this as an incentive to drive growth in Pakistan.

What kind of promo codes does Uber offer?

Some promo codes apply a flat discount. Others give a percentage off the total cost of the ride. The exact discount will be automatically applied and displayed when booking a ride with upfront fares in Pakistan.

Latest Uber Promo Codes in Pakistan

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Todays top valid Uber promo codes in Pakistan: